Sex & Love Addiction Recovery

mad_CoupleSex addiction? Love addiction? Is that even real?

The latest research in the fields of neurobiology and counseling psychology continues to affirm the reality of sex and love addiction. (For example, click here for a brief, informative video on the neurochemistry of pornography addiction.) Compulsive sexual behavior and harmful relationship patterns are rooted in attachment disorders and chemical imbalances in the brain. Healing is possible for those who will be honest, open, and willing in their quest for recovery.

Many are surprised to learn that sex addiction has little to do with sex and love addiction has little to do with love. At the core of these issues is a desire to change the way one feels, to avoid or numb painful emotions and memories. Sex and romance become coping mechanism to deal with life.

Recovery from sex and love addiction involves breaking the harmful pattern of acting out, addressing the underlying trauma, and establishing physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Essential to this process is development healthy relationships and learning the skills of rigorous honesty and emotional sobriety.

Am I a sex or love addict?

– Have you repeatedly tried to stop your sexual behavior without success?
– Have you been unable to stop seeing someone who you know has been destructive to you?
– Do you confuse love and sex?
– Do you find life unbearable with sex or a relationship?
– Do you feel desperation or unease when you are away from your partner?
– Have you repeatedly sabotaged romantic relationships?
– Do you feel shame or regret after acting out sexually?
– Do you feel entitled to sex?
– Do you spend an excessive amount of time using pornography or hooking up?

If you believe that you or a loved one needs help addressing sex and/or love addiction, contact Jake Porter.

For information on our men’s group for sex addiction treatment, click here.

Below are some online assessments that can help you determine if you may have a problem:

polls_sad_man_and_woman_0337_174367_poll_xlargeSex Addiction Screening Test
The SAST is an initial assessment test for people with potentially addictive behaviors. It provides a profile of responses that help distinguish between addictive and non-addictive behaviors. It was developed in cooperation with hospitals, treatment programs, private therapists and community groups. Take a few moments to complete this cost-free, no-obligation questionnaire.

Sexual Addiction Risk Assessment (SARA) Test
The SARA consists of 88 questions, which take approximately 25 minutes to finish. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed, personalized 23-page report to help you determine your next course of action. Please note that fees do apply for this assessment test.

Partner Sexuality Screening: Is my husband/wife a sex addict?
This is an often asked question. There are resources which can help you and your spouse/partner make a determination if he/she is struggling with sexual addiction. This is an online free assessment for you as a partner, which can help you determine if your partner is struggling with sexual addiction.

Internet Sex Addiction Test
Do you believe that your use of online pornography or social networking sites is harmful? How does your use compare to others. Complete this free survey to compare you usage to others who believe they may have a problem with compulsive internet sex.

Betrayal Bond Index
Do you find yourself unable to end relationships that are destructive? Do you stay with a partner despite the trauma the relationship has caused? Emotional trauma can actually create a bond between those who have shared in the traumatic event. Take this free assessment to see if you may be participating in one of these “betrayal bonds.”